Dog Biting Solutions

Dog Biting Solutions

Dogs will tend to bite for a specific reason. If you understand why your dog is biting then you can better identify a specific technique to combat the cause. Here are some dog biting solutions to stop your dog biting.

Scared dogs

Scared dogs are more likely to bite as they feel vulnerable and want to protect themselves. If your dog is afraid of something and they run and hide, don’t drag them out of their hiding place. This might provoke them to bite you. Just wait for them to calm down and emerge by themselves. If you have to move them, try carefully attaching their lead and pulling them out.

Dogs in pain

Like a scared dog, a dog in pain is feeling vulnerable and may bite when it feels under attack. Your dog will not know that you are trying to treat their injury or make them feel better. If the injury is serious, the best solution in this scenario is to muzzle your dog before attempting to move them. If the pain is not caused by a serious injury then move slowly and make sure your dog knows you are approaching.

Being protective

Some dogs like to protect their food, puppies, resting place, toys or owner. If a person approaches any of these things the dogs might view them as a threat and go on the attack. Socialization can help prevent this behavior as it teaches your dog that new and different things do not threaten them.


If you engage with enthusiastic play with your dog them may become very excited and bite. If your dog does bite you during play, stop the play immediately so your dog will realize that they have done the wrong thing.

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